Name and organisation of data collector: Maja Žikić (, FOODSCALE HUB ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION ASSOCIATION

By registering to the platform, I have been informed that:
1. Data is being collected via the FoodSHare platform as part of the EU H2020 project Ploutos.
2. Data will be used for scientific analysis and publication within the project and for no other purpose.
3. Data will be analysed by members of the Ploutos project, and in some cases may be analysed by project members other than the interviewer/facilitator.
4. Participation in the platform is completely free and voluntary.
5. Consent can be withdrawn at any time without reason with no consequences or justification of the user by email at the following email address: 6. Users can access their personal data at any time without reason.
7. Data will be anonymised if possible. In cases where the data cannot be anonymised, any publications will be shown to users who are identifiable in the report for further consent for publication.

I have read and understood the terms set out in this form and in the information sheet.
I have received a copy of this consent statement by email upon my registration to the FoodSHare platform.
By signing this document, I consent to the use of my contact details for information purposes of Ploutos.

Procedures for the protection of personal data

The Ploutos consortium takes its responsibility to protect all collected personal data through the registration process. The consortium has therefore developed a procedure to address ethics regarding the protection of personal data. All Stakeholders that registered their interest through this consent form are added to the list of interested users. This list may be used by the PLOUTOS WP Leaders to interact with all the stakeholders subscribed, giving each member a chance to participate in the project.

The Stakeholders’ contact information is to remain confidential and only accessible to members of the PLOUTOS Project consortium. Stakeholders may exercise their rights related to their personal data (access, rectification, deletion) by contacting PLOUTOS.